Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Prestigious Appointment

I am very pleased and proud to announce that my dear friend and colleague, Evelyn Robinson has been appointed by Australian Attorney-General to the National Intercountry Adoption Advisory Group.

The Attorney-General has appointed Ms Evelyn Robinson as a discretionary member of NICAAG, until 30 March 2012. Ms Robinson has extensive adoption experience.

Ms Robinson placed her child for adoption in 1970 in Scotland. Ms Robinson has a background in social work and professional experience in providing post adoption services. She is based in South Australia and regularly provides training for families and professionals with the Post Adoption Support Service and the South Australian Central Authority. Ms Robinson has published three books about adoption. She has presented several conference papers on adoption topics in Australia and overseas.
Evelyn, as you may know is a reunited mother and author of Adoption and Loss - The Hidden Grief , Adoption and Recovery - Solving the mystery of reunion, and her latest: Adoption Reunion - Ecstasy or Agony?

To access information on the new NICAAG appointment, please go to the 'What's New' at this link.

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