Wednesday, September 16, 2009

RipOff Artists and Charletans

Does anything else lead to as much exploitation as adoption?

Scams abound. Expectant mother are marekted with deception.

Prospective adopters wade through minefields of online ads from womn claiming to be giving birth or having a baby they want to place for adoption - some are real, others not. Agencies often claim they have inside tracks on babies from eastern eurpe and string hopefuls along with photos.

The same agencies who lie to mothers charge for any post adoptions services and often lie agin about both parties being amenable to contact.

On top of that private entrepaurs see the heartbreak of adoptions separation as yet one more way to exploit desperation.

Most recently, Givenright Research, who had been featured on The Morning Show with claims of thousands of reunions, have been accused of ripping people off. Customers from all over the country claim they have been given worthless leads by the company.

The victims hce started a website called

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