Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A New Networking Website

If you haven't yet heard...I thought this looks good and was worth passing on: (ARC) is a brand new, non-commercial, non-profit, independent networking clearinghouse of resources with no religious or political affiliations or agenda for those concerned about or touched by adoption.

ARC exists to provide educational links to organizations, books, articles, videos, conferences, call for papers, blogs, videos, Facebook groups, forums, email lists… of interest to all who are interested in, work with, or are touched by adoption. It is NOT a how-to adopt resource.


ARC accepts no advertising, donations, links or listings from individuals or business that place children for adoption or which support such businesses. Avoidance of such advertisers, donors or listing helps provide the most honest, impartial information free of any commercial influence. The only acceptable ads will be from approved and listed organizations, books, vidoes and films, etc.

Sites and links will be peer reviewed as to appropriateness and fitness with the goal of the site. Contact us to be on the board of peer reviewers. Please CONTACT ARC to be on the reviewing board.


All non-profit adoption reformers who want to drive traffic to their websites, blogs. articles; inform about conferences, etc.

Pooling efforts in this way will increase visibility for all and help people find these resources more easily than each of us being out in cyberspace on our own.

Currently, the word "adoption" yields far too many commercial sites and the word “birthmother” (even birthmother support) yields businesses marketing to meet a demand, touting adoption and offering incentives.

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1. Tour the site

2. Use the CONTACT LINK to SUBMIT edit or delete resources; share comments, suggestions

3. Volunteer to be on the review board!

4. Book, movie list volunteer?

5. Pass this message to every adoption-related lists, forum etc.

Combat The DOT COM Baby Brokers

Be the change you want to see!

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