Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Thanks for all the nice comments and enthusiasm about the new location I am building for this blog.

When all the kinks are hopefully ironed out, I will make it official.

Also thnaks for your patience in my approving comments here as I have just rerurned from Toronto where my presentation at ARM, York University was well received.

The session - which competed with about four others - was attended by perhaps a dozen women who were very interested and agreeing. 

The sister of the star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, was a presenter. She shared how her sister had had multiple (5 or 6) miscarriages and then had a surrogate miscarry because she had used her own egg. She finally adopted. She shared attending the Christening (also attended by Mr & Mrs Tom Hanks) and how her joy for her sister was mingled with sadness for the mother of this child.

The woderful mothers of the Canadian Council of Natural Mothers treated me like royalty, holding an authograph dinner in my honor hosted by Board Member, adoptee Wendy.  CCNM Pres. Karen Lynn acted as tour guide for the entire weekend and I had the pleasure of meeting her young son Julian whom she was able to raise as well as her reunited son Doug with whm she has enjoyed a te year plus relationship -- and he calls her MUM!

Toronto contiues to grow in leaps and bounds epscecually at the lake front with huge enormous highrise condos one after another after another...

It was most intersting to get a first had feel of the difference between Canada and here - where records are being opened UNILATERALLY to both adoptees and mothers, something never even attempted  here!  AAC members can read all about it in the current Decree.

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Angelle said...

"her joy for her sister was mingled with sadness for the mother of this child."

I really doubt that this comment means doodley squat given that they will live with this child in their family forever. Easy to be kind when you are in the catbird seat isn't is? I have no patience for any of this.

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