Monday, October 12, 2009

Adoption Agency Re-Victimizes Adoptee and Original Prents

Catholic Charities DNA mishap adds insult to injury for reunion

Phil Bloete, 33. knew he was adopted and had come to learn the story of Ron Ryba and Kathy Butler - high school sweethearts who made the difficult decsion to let him be adopted.

Meanwhile Rob Ryba received updates and photos.

Four years after the agency facilitated their 2004 "reunion", genetic testing revealed last year that none of them are related.

Full story here. Thanks to MaryAnne Cohen for making me aware of this horror story.


Anonymous said...

This is where the Catholic church and it's "charities" has conveniently forgotten scripture and words directly from the Lord's mouth:

John 8:32:

"...and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

How is withholding and altering birth information of others obeying Christ's commands?

AdoptAuthor said...

Excellent point. The catholic Church and other religious organization also encouraged women to LIE about the fact they had ever been pregnant and had a a child placed for adoption. Many were told never to tell anyone - not even the man they married! Young women were given false names in maternity homes - run by nuns and other religious people. Many lies.Many scerest. Not to mention just MEAN treatment and lots of judgmental attitudes.

maryanne said...

There are many parallels between how the Church handled adoption, and how they handled pedophiles until that ugly mess was forced into the open by victims groups like Voice of the Faithful. In both cases, it was all secrets, lies, coverups, and blame the victim, not the perpetrator; then cover up misdeeds with more lies, move people around, hush up the victims, and nobody in administration (the Bishops) taking any responsibility until forced.

I was at a meeting where pedophile victims spoke out about their experience, and when I spoke to one of them about adoption and the Church, he immediately "got it" that the way it was handled by the hierarchy was the same.

One need only look at Ireland, with its Magdalene Laundries for unwed mothers and other "bad girls" and the widespread sexual abuse of both sexes recently uncovered but practiced for decades in Catholic schools and institutions for youth.

The Church has a lot to answer for. Sadly in many ways the conservative elements in charge are taking it back into the Dark Ages rather than going forward into the future. For all I have heard over the years, even I was flabbergasted by the story of wrong people matched in "reunion". How many times has this happened before?

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