Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bethany's Coercion Received Fed Funding

Following on to Kathryn Joyce's piece on Crisis Pregnancy Centers and adoption today on RH Reality Check (in which Joyce points to Bethany Adoption center as an example), Sarah Posner reports today in the American Prospect that in addition to other federal money, Bethany has received 8 federal grants totalling over $3 million in 2009:

Bush-era abstinence-only funding isn't the only federal funding Bethany has received -- or continues to receive. According to a Department of Health and Human Services database, Bethany received eight federal grants worth over $3 million in 2009, including for abstinence-only education, healthy marriage promotion, and "embryo donation and/or adoption public awareness." And HHS used a Bethany representative on a panel in August for its conference entitled "Strong Practices, Bright Promises," about healthy marriage and responsible fatherhood programs.


Anonymous said...

What IS it about separating church and state that the feds don't get?
I think this merits a link to Niels of Pound Pup Legacy's research into some of the other financial backers behind Bethany Christian Services.

AdoptAuthor said...

Thanks Kippa. Pound Puppy is a major ally and advocate!

The word I think you're looking for is spelled: lobbyists. The religious right is powerful.

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