Friday, October 30, 2009

Chinese officials try to find parents of 60 lost children

CNN reports that The Chinese government is trying to find the parents of 60 homeless children. The Chinese Ministry of Public Security posted pictures of these rescued children on its Web site.

About 30,000 to 60,000 children are reported missing every year, but it is hard to estimate how many are involved in child trafficking cases, the Ministry of Public Security told China Daily.

Police have rescued 2,000 children this year since China launch a nationwide anti-trafficking campaign, China Daily reported.

Earlier this week China's state media reported that police arrested dozens in an alleged child trafficking ring that sold at least 52 babies.

The traffickers bought 19 boys and 33 girls from impoverished rural families in Shanxi and Hebei provinces in the past two years, the state-run Xinhua news agency said.


Anonymous said...

This is the direct link to the Chinese Government's website on stolen children:

"Baby Come Back"

Anonymous said...

Did you mean Baby Come Home? That website is not run by the Chinese government. It is a volunteer effort aimed at reuniting parents and stolen or disappeared children. Some a-parents have elected to post their kids' pictures there to trace families. But I couldn't get your link to work. . .

Anonymous said...

No, I do not mean "Baby Come Home." If you copy-and-paste the URL in my comment into your browser location bar, it will work. Or, visit my blog and use the link from there in my most recent post.

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