Saturday, October 31, 2009

Follow-up on Agency Reunion Mix-Up

Follow up to Oct 12 posting:

Catholic Charities of Trenton, NJ who matched a returning father with an adopted young man alleged to be his son, only to have them find out AFTER THIRTY YEARS via DNA tests that they are refuses to help, despite admitting to having the all the answers to the resolve the mishap at their fingertips!

"We have them [the records/files of the adoption] in our physical custody," Francis Dolan, director of the Diocese of Trenton's Catholic Charities, said. "We're the custodians, but we don't own them. We're legally not allowed to share any information."

In the most amazing "good cop bad cop" double talk ever, Lisa Thiabult, a spokeswoman for Catholic Charities says: "If there was anything we could do to solve this mystery and to bring healing and closure to these people we would do it. We share their frustration and I can appreciate the incredible suffering this has caused all of them."

While Dolan says: "records from St. Elizabeth's Home has determined that there were six to seven male infants adopted from the facility. Unfortunately, adoption law in New Jersey dictates that unless the individuals reach out to Catholic Charities themselves and consent to allow their records to be opened, they must remain sealed."


They can't pick up a phone and call these six or seven people and ask them if they would be interested in meeting someone who might be their father and is interested in discovering if they are his son???

Adoption agencies act as intermediaries in this fashion all the time! Obviously this agency, like my own dear personal JCCA, fear lawsuits more than being the humanitarians they claim to be.

They'd so anything to prevent suffering? Suffering and loss are their bread and butter!

As an aside, it is interesting that all the news stories about this case revealed the name of the birth mother, with no indication that she either initiated or ever took part in this reunion.

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triona said...

Once again, the word "confidential" is code for "concealing our mistakes".

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