Friday, October 16, 2009

Celeb Adoption in the News: Paris, Elton and George

Paris Hilton allegedly is “adopting” a teacup pig. Like real adoptions, she is actually buying the miniature piglet for $4,500 and it is being shipped from overseas.

Paris tweeted: "So excited for my new piglette to come home to me. I just picked out the cutest piggy from Patty at"

PETA – the notorious red paint throwing animal rights organization doesn’t think it’s cute at all. They say Paris is setting a "wretched example" by treating animals like they're "as disposable as her friends and fiancés."

"The Chihuahuas, ferrets, and kinkajous she's paraded through her home in the past were not accessories, and pot-bellied pigs aren't either," they added.

What do you think about Paris purchasing a baby piglet? Is PETA right? Does she treat her pets as if they're disposable? Or do you think Paris makes a great pet owner? These are questions being asked by Hollywood

I’ll save my wrath for those who treat human kids that way, though it’s cruel and unfair to treat any living creature as disposable or as an “accessory.”  Diff is pets can legally be sold.

Taking a more humorous attitude befitting his satire movies, George Clooney said: "I am planning to adopt. I am going to adopt some of Brad Pitt's kids. I owe him."

Claiming he owes his Ocean's 11 co-star a favor, Clooney who has no kids and has says he wants none, offered to help out with his friend’s six children.

Meanwhile, has Elton John given up on his attempts to adopt? The father of the 15-month-old Ukranian boy whom Sir Elton John wants to adopt has said the singer must also take him along to London with his son. I don’t think he’s joking like George!

“I’m not against the idea of Elton becoming a guardian. I would be willing to meet Elton and talk about it,” the Sun quoted him as saying.  Guardian?

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Osolomama said...

From the header, I honestly thought you were going to tell me that Paris was adopting. A child. At which point I was about to dial 911. Still, I can't say for sure whether the animals she has cared for are abused. Obviously, PETA would make a stink over the *parade* of pets but in the absence of any other info, I'll hope for the best.

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