Sunday, August 22, 2010

Remember Missing Baby Gabriel?

In January, I first reported the case of missing Baby Gabriel. A strange case of Elizabeth Johnson who, in the midst of a custody battle with her estranged boyfriend and father of the baby, Logan McQueary  drove to San Antonio with her son in mid-December.After claiming she killed the child, she claimed she handed the child to "a Texas couple who approached her in a park" to be adopted by someone whose name she didn't know and against Logan's wishes. 

Tammi Smith, 37, who with her husband had temporary custody of the child while the couple was debating an adoption (and perhaps being pressured) was charged with conspiracy to commit custodial interference, custodial interference and forgery and is considered a "person of interest" regarding the missing eight-month old.

Smith told police that she and her husband planned to adopt Gabriel from his mother, Elizabeth Johnson, but that the boy's biological father, Logan McQueary, would not go along with it. Police say Smith provided wrong information on custody paperwork, falsely identifying Gabriel's father.

Gabriel's mother, remains in jail. She has pleaded not guilty to charges of kidnapping and custodial interference. Police say she told them she gave the boy to a couple she met at a park in Texas.

Logan may not have been the only father whose rights Tammi Smith and her husband Jack Smith stomped on.

The Smiths adopted a girl named Hannah Grace, who is four-and-a-half years old. Hannah is Jack's daughter Nicki's child. Her father may be Travis Warford but his paternity is in question. He says that he is Jack's son-in-law having been estranged from his wife, Nicki for years. Allegedly, Tammi put Nicki up to getting pregant and not naming the father. 

Travis comments on the blog Framed Fathers:
"I've found out the Smiths adopted Hannah in Tn, not Az. It was my assumption after I found they moved. This is a copy of the email I sent to Tammi's biological daughter, who contacted me fuming over what they've done.

"I'm raising Hannah's 2yr sister, Abby Jo, in Dallas. I'm a good daddy. Jack Smith scares me, has threatened me and I'm not sure he didn't put the person up to frame me in Nashville so he could get Hannah. Nicki was in rehab, where we put her, I was in jail, and he got what he wanted. It's a documented fact that the state dropped three unbelievably serious charges against me when they had no witness. That is, the person who fabricated the charges disappeared.. a distrought woman living in her brother's apt with 7 other people. Jack met her, they lived across from Nicki and I. He offered me 5 grand and to pay for my divorce if I'd leave town, which I refused. Afew months later I was jailed on boguss charges with with a pitifully low bond and Jack wouldn't bail me out, it was convenient. Nicki fell off the wagon when she got out and signed custody to Jack when put back into rehab. Noone contacted my family, though they knew how to. I went by their house and he let me see her for afew minutes, but not hold her. Told me to leave and not come back. He's a mean, calculative human being. I met him in court several months later. I filed a petition for custody and for visitation in the meantime. He claimed he spoke with my family in Texas and they "didn't give a damn", so I tried to put him on the phone with my mother to explain that to her. We had afew hearings and a mediation, then work moved me out of state. The lady from the state blew me off when I called and couldn't make the next date. I finally get back to Nashville and knock on his door.. some guy says he's bought the house and the Smiths moved to Az. I then get online and find adoption photos on Tammi's Myspace. That's how I found out. I've had it out with Nicki two dozen times about me never going away like they want me to. She's as evil as he is and it worries me to no end that he'll mangle my little girl's reality as he has Nicki's. They're hateful to me and deny my existence. They have to deal with me now. I'm not out to destroy anyone. I only want to help restore two families and see justice served with Jack, Tammi and Nicki."
For another story about Travis Warford, click here.

Warford claims that Smith offered him money to sign over his custodial rights. He says of Jack and Tammi Smith re Gabriel, "I think what they've done is wrong. They've manipulated the system and lied and I wouldn't mind seeing them face charges." However, Warford's credibility is hindered by his criminal history of kidnapping and aggravated assault. Warford also said, "I'm angry. And the first chance that I have any opportunity, I will do as much as I can to gain not only visitation, but ultimately custody of my daughter." His public statements re Hannah are a from of custodial interference since her adoption was a closed one with sealed documents.

Tammi Smith is friends with Janet Morris of The Adoption Place located in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. While Elizabeth was on the run, Smith asked advice from her attorney Ken Schutt. When he was unavailable at one point, Smith called Morris who advised that Johnson return immediately to Arizona with Gabriel.

At the time that Johnson offered Gabriel up for adoption to the Smiths, the Smiths were about to adopt a newborn boy but the adoption fell through. They and their daughter had been bonding with the baby in its mother's womb. The year before, Tammi was was searching for surrogate moms on Surrogate Mother dotcom.

MEANWHILE...Elizabeth Johnson, who has been in jail on a $1.1 million cash bond on charges of kidnapping, child abuse, custodial interference and conspiracy to commit custodial interference - bevause the father, Logan was granted custody - has been decalred competent to stand trial.


Anonymous said...

But wait... there's more! Jack & Tammi Smith have reportedly acquired yet another baby; a newborn girl named "Savannah Nicole Smith," who was born to Jack's daughter, Nicki (real mother of Hannah).

Allegedly invited to bear another child for her father and his wife so that Hannah could have a sibling, Nicki has reportedly stated that (surprize, surprize!) the father of the new baby is (conveniently) "Unknown."

Meanwhile, however, Baby Gabriel is still missing; his mother Elizabeth Johnson is still in jail (although she was recently ruled competent to stand trial); Jack Smith just turned 57; and Tammi Smith is said to be seeking a plea bargain.

God save the children!

Mirah Riben said...

Jerry Springer could devote an entire show to this convoluted family!

Anonymous said...

Jerry Springer would claim Gabriel is better off actually. First Gabriel is missing now his dad, that is, or claimed between partying to be searching has disappeared.That is how you search for a missing child, run and hide like a wimp. He apparently moved on to his party plan for life.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Logan McQueary is very involved in the search for his child! However, due to the bizarre opposition of a small hostile contingent of Facebook fans of the Smith family, Logan's attorney advised him to avoid the spotlight and his efforts private. It's a shame that there are people so sick as to publicly criticize a grieving father and seek to hamper his search but considering the company they keep, it's probably no surprize.

Justince for Gabriel said...

How in the hell do you know where and what Logan McQueary is up to these days? Are you stalking him? Having him followed? Have you seen him out partying with YOUR OWN EYES, or are you believing the words of mean spirited, vindictive people? Or is that possibly your own theory? Who are you to determine where Gabriel is better off? Let me remind you, no one knows for certain if Gabriel is alive or not. So you are telling me, if in fact he is deceased, he is better off? If his mother did smother him and stick his LIFELESS BLUE BODY in the diaper bag, he is better off? Would Jerry Springer agree with that statement? Who are you to state how Logan should act, react, or deal with this situation? Are you serious? When ones child goes missing, NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE, is an expert! So shame on you for casting judgment! It surprises me how people are out to attack this father, but yet take mercy on the very people involved in Gabriel's disappearance. The very people that underhandedly committed crimes from the start. The very people whom have at one time been deemed "persons of interest" or the one that orchestrated this scheme (let me add, not on her own) and still sits in a Maricopa County Jail. Perhaps you need to listen to Elizabeth's jail house confession stating ...

"Elizabeth: Yeah you set it all up they were your friends.
Tammi: No they weren't! Then what's their names if they're my friends?
Elizabeth: I don't know you set it all up in San Antonio.
Tammi: I talked about San Antonio? Elizabeth I don't... know anyone in San Antonio, they already did the research and found I don't know anyone in San Antonio. There are no dots that connect me to you in San Antonio.
Elizabeth: Then it was Jack's friends like you said."

Listen to the rest of the interview for yourself.

I could go on, but I think I have gotten my point across. Next time before you post, think about Gabriel first. Obviously by your post, he was anywhere but at the forefront of your thoughts!

tonya said...

Why is it that everywhere I go, Logan is being attacked by people? He did not take off with his baby and tell anyone he killed him. He did not give the baby away. He was actively searching for his baby until Smith started her internet war on him, then he spent more time defending himself than anything. Shame on all you who would help a criminal and not an innocent baby!

Anonymous said...

Jack and Tami need to be caught up with. Tami and jack have done nothing but manipulate and ruin lives all for there own gain. They used Elizabeth and I do feel they know where gabriel is. What she has done to Logan and his family is beyond comprehensiable. I do hope Elizabeths lawyer can get this used in court against them and open the door to the two children to get them out of there hands. My god that woman gave up her own flesh and blood and now she taking others flesh and blood. Money talks but soon that doesnt work anymore. I am praying that these children be taken out of her hands before she harms more.

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