Wednesday, August 11, 2010

India's International Adoption Racket

In May the The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has registered a case against a managing trustee of Prune city-based Preet Mandir and some state government officials for their alleged involvement in an 'inter-country adoption racket'. "CBI files case against Preet Mandir official,"

May 18, 2010, The Times of India. It was reported that the CBI suspected kidnapping of children of poor families and putting them up for adoption. "Maharashtra officials linked to adoption scam: CBI," Aditya Kaul,  May 18, 2010, DNA India

Monday, Aug 9, Joginder Singh Bhasin in Navi Mumbai was arrested for his alleged involvement in the "inter-country adoption racket". This is the first arrest in the case. Bhasin created a scene at the CBI office on being told of his arrest. He covered his face with a mask, saying he was suffering from swine flu and that he was experiencing chest pain. He was taken to the NNMC hospital at Vashi and JJ hospital in Mumbai for medical check-ups. However, the doctors reportedly told the CBI that he was physically fit and had no medical problems. Preet Mandir trustee held in adoption case - Pune - City - The Times of India

Adoptee returns to India and Finds...

The 35-year-old record of the inter-country adoption of Daksha Van Dijck, which the Bombay high court had directed its registry to trace, turned out to be four-five handwritten lines in the registry’s record.

Van Dijck, now a psychologist, was adopted in 1975 by Dutch national Johan Van Dijck and raised in Netherlands. She came back to India in 2001 in search of her biological parents. But in the course of tracing them what Van Dijck found was a reason to believe that she may have been kidnapped as a baby and given away in a foreign adoption.

On the last occasion, the court had asked the registry to locate the documents related to Van Dijck’s adoption. On Monday, the prothonotary and senior master A Rodrigues showed the record available to the court. As per the record of 1975 produced by the registry, a handwritten entry made in blue ink states the name of Alibera and Company as advocates for the petitioners and the name of a representative of the Indian Council of Social Welfare.

The entry states, “Petition granted.”

The registry so far has not been unable to trace an order of the court granting the custody of Van Dijck to her adoptive parents.

Van Dijck who lives in Maastricht in Netherlands has moved the Bombay high court along with Anjali Pawar-Kate of Against Child Trafficking, an international NGO, against commissioner of police (CP), Mumbai and the senior inspector of police of the Matunga police station seeking a court direction for them to register an FIR against Shraddhashram Mahilasharm based on a complaint filed by Van Dijck.

On Monday, her advocate Shabana Ansari told the court that there is no police inquiry report in terms of the adoption but a mere affidavit stating that the child (Van Dijck) is free for adoption. Ansari added that according to a Supreme Court ruling, a child cannot be declared free for adoption before birth or within three months of its birth. However, in this case, Van Dijck was declared free from adoption in a month after her birth on August 30, 1975.

Justice BH Marlapalle and justice Anoop Mohta have directed the registry to contact Shraddhashram Mahilasharm for the adoption records and adjourned the case till August 13.

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