Monday, August 23, 2010

Natural Parents are BEST

Lord Templeman in the House of Lords in a pre-Children Act case (Re KD [1988] AC 806) compares
English law with The Convention for the protection of Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms and concludes they both are agree: 
 Since the last war, interference by public authorities with families for the protection of children has greatly increased in this country. In my opinion there is no inconsistency of principle or application between English rule and the Convention rule. The best person to bring up a child is the natural parents. It matters not whether that parent is wise or foolish, rich or poor, educated or illiterate, provided the child's moral and physical health are not endangered. Public authorities cannot improve upon nature. Public authorities exercise a supervisory role and interfere to rescue a child when parental tie is broken by abuse or separation. ... 
From "The Child Protection Handbook" by Kate Wilson, Adrian L. James here.

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