Thursday, August 26, 2010

MTV: 16 and Pregnant

The following is a second-hand description of updates on the two couples who relinquished, I apologize for inaccuracies. If you've seen it, please correct or add to these descriptions:

One case involves and adoptee whose adoptive parents deceived her and the baby's father and forced her into adoption against her will by her adoptive parents who show visible signs of total inability to deal with her being pregnant.  She is seen telling all her friends that she wants to keep her baby but has no other option. They badger her and her boyfriend until finally the baby's father tells her parents that he will sign if she agrees to. Then the adoptive parents are televised as they lie to both their daughter and her boyfriend telling each that other has agreed!

The other case involves a couple who decide together on an "open" adoption and wind up with one set of photos of their newborn. They are devastated. They complain to the adoption practitioner who arranged the adoption who NOW tells tells them, to get used to it because they will suffer this pain for the rest of their lives! She puts them in touch with another father who is dealing with the loss of his child but makes no attempt to help them get any additional contact with their adoptive parents or their child.

I am told that the pain these kids are suffering over their loss is palpable and heart wrenching and the producers are airing it raw in all its glory!

Hopefully young people will see this and it will help prevent more such catastrophic losses.

UPDATE 9/3/10:

"Teen Mom" star Catelynn and her mother, April had a vicious spat during Tuesday's all new episode airing on MTV.

According to Us Weekly Catelynn and her mother April got into a nasty argument over everything from household chores to Catelynn's decision to give up her daughter Carly for adoption.
April calls Catelynn, 18, a {explicit} a** hole," telling her to go, "sit in your {explicit} room and rot."

When Carly's adoption was brought up April yells,"You didn't ask me!"

It's clear that Tyler and Catelynn's choice to give Carly up for adoption was not supported by their parents. In fact, it seems that Catelynn's mother and Tyler's father (Who met and married after their children began dating) are the main reasons Tyler and Catelynn chose adoption for Carly.

Both Tyler and Catelynn have revealed they wanted a  better life for Carly than what they had. Tyler's father Butch has been in and out of jail for most of his life, and while Catelynn hasn't gotten into the specifics of her mother's issues, she's revealed that April has had "a lot of problems" in her life.
It seems that Carly's adoption is still a sore topic of conversation for the family, not to mention Tyler and Catelynn who both still have trouble dealing with their feelings of guilt from the adoption.
Catelynn and Tyler were forced to grow up way too fast and make a life altering decision.  

While they handled it maturely, it seems that giving up Carly was harder than they ever thought it would be.

wish she was here!

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Amanda Woolston said...

I've been following MTV's three docuseries about teen pregnancy for a while (16-and-Pregnant, Teen Mom, and Baby High). My impression was that it was a promotion of adoption. Bethany Christian Services promotes the 16-and-Pregnant docuseries on their website--specifically Catelynn and Tyler's story (they used Bethany and Bethany got free publicity out of it on MTV).

I have written a couple blog posts about it and about how MTV is making insane ratings off of putting these individuals on television while barely giving them enough money in return to improve their lives.

The shows do show how intensely hard it is to go through the adoption process for a mother. But it is always followed up with a People Magazine article saying how wonderful everything is now and how they're so happy and made "the right decision." Apparently, young girls are coming up to Catelynn in the street, crying and hugging her and thanking her for being so brave in choosing adoption.

Showing the anguish that is adoption on TV is not having the impact one would think it would.

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