Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Missing Baby Gabriel had Been Sought For Adoption by Predatory Vultures

Imagine seeing a young mother with her very young infant at an airport. The mother looks tired and perhaps a bit frazzled, as are many new moms and as are many air travelers.

Now, can you imagine that instead of offering consolation, a helping hand, or an ear...instead you ask if she'll let you adopt her infant child?

This is what Tammi Peters Smith says she did when she first laid eyes on Elizabeth Johnson, 23. Smith, who has been described as living in North Tempe with her husband Jack and owning a colon hydrotherapy practice with several locations around the Valley says that neither Elizabeth or her the baby's father, Logan McQueary, 25, wanted the child, though she also claims that from the first time she asked to adopt the baby she was told Logan would not sign papers.

Smith also she and her husband had temporary guardianship of the boy in late November and early December for about 10 to 12 days while the couple was deciding what to do.  The paperwork, however, was not court-issued.   She says she is the "duped" party because she believes the child - now missing - was given to another couple.

Logan says it's not true that he wanted his son adopted and says Smith was extorting them

In the meantime, Logan has been granted custody of the missing child and Elizabeth charged with custodial interference. She has invoked her right to remain silent and refused to say what happened to the child.

However, it has been reported that she sent Logan a text saying she killed the child and ten sent another sent that wasn't true.

Smith said she and her husband spoke to Johnson and tried to coax her to return, but had little luck. They cooperated with police, but didn't offer any information on where Gabriel might be.

Despite all of the conflicting information, the Arizona Republic titled the story "Mother of missing baby wanted to give child up for adoption" in an obvious attempt to garner the sensationalism of the Casey and Caylee Anthony case in which the mother also allegedly considered adoption at some point in time.  It would just fit the pro-adoption industry to be able to say that when mothers think about adoption and then don't, their hcildren are at increased risk for harm.  

I also love Smith painting her self as the victim, when she may have pushed this mother to do - or even consider - things she never otherwise made any effort to pursue. So much for "voluntary" relinquishment!

Note to the general public: Supermarkets are other good places to find exhausted, stressed-out and frustrated moms!  Stroll the aisles and maybe you too can find a mother so overwhelmed at the moment you can pressure her to give you custody of her child!  Be prepared: Carry custody papers with you at all times so you can be there at just the right moment to swoop in on a mother in her worst, most vulnerable moment. 

Coincidentally, Jason Dolski pleaded guilty Monday to two charges for his role in an illegal adoption last year after reaching a plea agreement. Jason Dolski and his wife, Bobbi Jo Dolski, offered Amanda Zblewski money for her child but never paid her. Zblewski, who will serve 12 months of probation for her role, testified in August that she planned to put the child up for adoption through Lutheran Social Services, but thought allowing Jason Dolski to sign the birth certificate as the father was a legal way to adopt the child.

"I took a child without legally adopting the child," Dolski said when asked whether he understood what he would be pleading guilty to. "I promised to pay money for the child."

Note to public: Bobbi Jo Dolski had the biological father sign a form she printed from a Web site that purportedly terminated his parental rights. How convenient!

The child's biological father also believed the adoption was legal.

UPDATE: Elizabeth Johnson now says that she gave the baby to a Texas couple wh approached her in a park. Asked why she would tell Logan McQueary she had killed Gabriel, Johnson said for revenge.
“He had ruined my life,” Johnson said. “He hurt me and I wanted to hurt him and that was the only thing I could say that would hurt him.”“I was emotionally a wreck and was completely out of my mind and just upset,” she said.

The baby's father, who never conmsented to the adoption of his son, said: “I want them to know he has a loving family here and to bring him back, or call. Call somebody and even if they don’t want to get in trouble, just take him somewhere so somebody can find him.”

Sadly, however, he may get caught in the Putative Father Registry game.


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Another update:

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your article. Has Tammi and Jack Smith been Investigated as possible baby brokers? Tammi has been all over the internet looking for women to be surrogate mothers. I feel this is going to turn out badly for little Gabriel. God Bless and Keep him safe.

AdoptAuthor said...

Perhaps Elizabeth got wind of that and that's why she chose other parents for him.

This is sure a case to follow, especially in terms of the father's rights!

Anonymous said...

Horrible situation. I hope that baby is still alive somewhere, but am not too hopeful. It would not be the first time a parent killed a child in revenge on the other parent. The "people in the park" story is not too credible.

AdoptAuthor said...

Tempe Police Sgt. Steve Carbajal told "Good Morning America" today. "We are receiving some indications that Gabriel is still alive and we're very optimistic about that."

Johnson's grandfather, Bob Johnson, told ABC News that he doesn't believe his granddaughter's story that she simply left her child with an unknown couple.

"I think that she has given the baby to somebody and I think she knows who it is," he said. "I think it's in San Antonio in somebody else's house and she just ain't given it up.

Also good news: the court has determined that Logan is the father.

Video available at:

Anonymous said...

It appears that Tammi Smith and her husband have manipulated the mother by ploying her with money so that she can obtain this baby.
I have known this girl her entire life. I know her personality , so none of this news surprises me one bit.Having known her for 37 years I am able to recognise when she is telling an untruth...and that is by her body language . On her TV interviews she has obviously been lying In closing, I have one final question and that is....why does a woman so desperately desire another baby when she already has three beautiful children she gave up custody of to their father in Louisiana?

Anonymous said...

Americans need to google family court fraud. Also google CPS child trafficking.
Most Americans are slow. I mean 8 ninjas take out two adoptive parents for adopting 12 stolen specialneeds children. Every week a new mother is caught hiding from CPS and, or Familt Court like Holly Collins who got Asylum from America in the Neverlands due to family court and CPS. Like I said When Are the Americans going to WAKE UP!!!

Anonymous said...

Surrogate mom websites make me sick. Child selling, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

I am an adoptive parent myself of 2 internationally adopted children who were abandoned in infancy, but I would never think to approach a young mother having a bad day and ask her what she wants to "do" with her baby. Even someone like myself can recognize the incredible importance of doing everything to protect a parent's right to raise their child and that child's right to be brought up with their biological family. In light of how Tammi Smith's daughter's biological father views her it seems Ms. Smith does not care to go through legal and appropriate channels to adopt a child.

Anonymous said...

Can we just get on with locating this gorgeous baby. I can see everyone's point. I am an adoptee and an adoptive mother and on my worse day would never respond to anyone trying to solicit my children from me. Nor would I approach an unsettled mother and ask her about her child. The balls of bravery of some people. I work in the penal system in California and I understand that people have rights but why doesn't Elizabeth's rights be placed on hold until she breaks her silence and complete all of her psychological evaluations. As for Tammy and her family you need help and you don't deserve to be a parent. For the media keep up with the story because you have America's attention.

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