Thursday, August 26, 2010

Leaning on her Adopted Sons...

40-year-old Umnuayporn Tongprapaiat 603 pounds needed a fork lift to help hr get out of her partment for the first time in three years to have treatment for a leg tumor.

Seated on the floor of her modest third-floor apartment on the outskirts of Bangkok, Umnuayporn told reporters she could only walk a few feet (meters) on her own and was confined to her studio apartment where she ran a laundry service with the help of her two adopted sons.

"I've been living in this room and have not gone outside for three years," said Umnuayporn, whose weight is roughly the equivalent of a grand piano. "I can walk a little, just enough that I can go to bathroom. But I have to cling to my son the whole way."


Anonymous said...

yep, there's the better life adoption guarantees our children right there!!!

Anonymous said...

Pathetic...Sounds like she adopted for personal servants/employees.

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