Saturday, August 14, 2010

Please Participate in Dr. Samuels' Article

During this coming academic year, law professor Elizabeth Samuels will be able to write up an article about the surrender documents that (birth/first) mothers from around the country have so generously shared with her during the past few years.

In the article she wil describe the legal language and meanings of these documents, trying to place their contents in the context of claims made in current access legislation battles about promises or guarantees made to birth mothers. So far she has 60 documents executed from 1939 through 1990 in adoptions in which the birth and adoptive parents did not know one another (4 from the 40s, 6 from the 50s, 31 from the 60s, 13 from the 70s, and 4 from the 80s).

The states represented so far are Calif. 4, Colo. 2, Conn. 1, Fla. 4, Haw. 1, Ill. 3, Iowa 2, La. 1, Mass. 1, Mich.3, Minn. 4, Neb. 3, N.J. 10, N.Y. 6, N.C. 3, Ohio 2, Okla. 1, Ore. 1, Penn. 1, R.I. 1, Tenn. 2, Tex. 2, Vt. 1, Wisc. 1.

If you have a surrender document you would be willing to add, with or without names redacted (no names will be needed to be used in the article), please send a copy of it to :

Elizabeth Samuels, University of Baltimore School of Law,
1420 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21201-5779. 

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