Friday, August 20, 2010

The "Horror" of Facebook Reunions

Time Magazine article focuses on the joys, concerns, misconceptions and stereotyping of reunification of families separated by adoption.
"But the methods Lowrey used could just as easily be employed by a curious adopted teenager or a birth mother who regrets giving up her child....Contact can be made, often suddenly, without the guidance of parents or adoption professionals."
"Most kids and adult adoptees have been told or can find out the names of their birth parents." OH REALLY?!??0
The article refers to adoptions in the U.K. which are "more often contested' and mother's whose children were taken involuntarily into forced adoptions are locating their kids on Facebook. Maybe if the UK tried to do more to help families in crisis instead of remove so many kids this way, there'd be less of a problem.

Martha Henry,  director of the office of foster care and adoption at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, provided more in the way of solution than Adam Pertman who joined the hysteria.

Adoptive [arents of teens - who of course see this as an issue about them - ought to, IMO be a lot more concerned about normal teen problems like pregnancy and sex, than with him or her finding another extended FAMILY member! AND, they gotta get over their fears and possessiveness!

Read full article here, if you haven't yet.


Von said...

Can of worms and out of control of those who like to think they're in charge!

maybe said...

OMG, adoptees might be able to find their family on their own, with no input from the self-appointed experts! Pertman's comments provide the answer to what APs really want: control over reunions.

Johnson's statements are laughable - trotting out his usual line about "hundreds of birth mothers" calling him in a panic over the potential to be found. Yeah, right...any mother who truly does not want to be found is locked so tightly in her closet of shame that she surely would not bother to call the NCFA. She might discuss something like this with a priest or therapist, but I can't imagine this shame- stricken mother picking up the phone to talk to a Washgington lobbyist.

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