Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Vulture's Eye View

Vulture's circle the dying waiting for their last dying breath then the corpse becomes their sustenance. It's part of the circle of life and death - survival - in the animal kingdom.

In our more highly advanced, more civilized, evolved and caring human world barren women hover around newly delivered mothers waiting for them to breath their last desperate breath of hope. 
"....the birth mother hadn't phoned the agency until her labor started and she walked to the nearest ER. The caseworker had faxed papers to the hospital. They sat on the nightstand, the blanks still blank."
"The Birth Mother."  A nameless, de-humanized womb waiting to be plucked from.

A mother who hadn't seriously considered adoption until she went into labor and was now being pressed to sign away her flesh and blood....for all eternity.  Given just hours to make a monumental, irrevocable, life-altering decsion.

The baby's father protests are obliterated. He's too young to be a father...despite the fact that he IS!  
And the mother "hardly knew him, though she'd slept with him" - not that we're judging.

The mother's hardships are seen as good enough reason to add more loss and grief to her sorrowful life. No one offers any viable help for the situation. Like waiting for death to become tasty meal rather than any thought of trying to save the wounded prey from dying.

Neither the child nor the sister she is being taken from have any say nor is any thought given about their separation....

And, the woman who reaps the reward of this tragedy? Unlike her animal counterpart, she gets to boast about how noble she is for taking in a poor Black baby...after hovering over many that were stronger and able to fend off the pressures of the grim reaper... 

Read it here.  An here, if you can stand it, is the view from the eyes of a mother who drank the Kool-aid and picked parents for her child who had blue eyes and blonde eyes -- and a four-year-old adopted son who when he met her thought he was meeting his natural mother. Stories like this one, written in the afterglow of the belief of a right "decision" made while mourning the loss of a relationship and a child...are flaunted as "proof" of how mothers today get to make an adoption "plan" and have a real "choice" in the issue. 

Those of us who have been there and done that know the pain that lies in wait for the glow of the honeymoon to fade and the reality of shame and grief set in and never leave...

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Von said...

Never ending pain, it lasts for life for adoptees and for mothers.

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