Friday, February 18, 2011


Be forewarned: This is hard to read

GOREY: Strong Stomach Required

It took two decades but the new face of evil adoptive fathers has emerged to compete with, if not topple, Joel Steinberg for the title of depraved MONSTER!

The following is a compilation of news reports and will be updated as more is revealed:

One adopted child dead, another in critical condition

The investigation continues today in family court for the twins Nubia and Victor Barahona, who's adopted father killed Nubia and put her in his truck and doused the other with chemicals from his pesticide truck.

Jorge Barahona is in West Palm Beach jail with bail set at $1 million dollars. Police have charged Jorge Barahona with attempted murder of his ADOPTED ten-year-old son, Victor. Barahona has also confessed to killing the boy's twin sister, Nubia.

A tradgic end to a child's life and ones life is in the balance to an adoptive mother and father who abused them repeatedly.  Two children taken from their biological parents, adopted by monsters, and NEGLECTED by the state officials assigned to protect them!

A state worker made the alarming discovery: a 10-year-old boy in the front seat of an exterminator's red pickup alongside a busy interstate, convulsing from seizures, dripping in chemicals so toxic they sickened rescue workers who helped him.

Nearby, the boy's father lay on the ground, unresponsive and doused in gasoline in what he later told police was a futile attempt to kill himself.

The most horrifying find would come hours later because the truck was too toxic to search - the deteriorating body of the boy's twin sister, wrapped in plastic bags, wedged between chemical containers in the enclosed pickup bed.

The boy is in critical condition, his burns getting worse and doctors unsure of what chemical was used. His father, Jorge Barahona, was also in the hospital. He faces aggravated child abuse charges, but more charges were expected.

Barahona's 10 year old adopted daughter Nubia was found dead in his truck just north of Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard on I-95 in West Palm Beach.

Her badly decomposed body forced crews to don protective suits.

The Environmental Protection Agency was called in along with a joint terrorism task force.
Jugs of chemicals were inside Barahona's truck so it wasn't clear what crews were getting into.

Meanwhile, an angry judge grilled state child welfare officials over missed opportunities to help the twins, Victor and Nubia, after an anonymous abuse allegation was called into a hotline February 10 - four days before the children were found by the highway assistance worker along Interstate 95 in West Palm Beach.

So now after how many deaths to foster parents and adoptive parents is the Broward County Department of Childrens and Families going to do something when their social worker who went to the home on Friday and saw that something was wrong, did nothing to get those children out of that home.

The Department of Children and Families began investigating the family last week after the Barahona's seven-year-old granddaughter told an adult the twins were kept locked in the bathroom, their hands and feet bound. The child said Nubia was sometimes kept in the tub all day. Child welfare officials also believe the girl was being starved.

A doctor who interviewed the little girl who reported the alleged abuse, said she did so even though her grandmother told her they were "family secrets" and warned her to stay quiet.

Dr Walter Lambert also said at a court hearing that Victor had "many, many scars." Doctors also found the boy had previously broken his collarbone and an arm.

The state officials described a disturbing picture of a Jorge and Carmen Barahona, who adopted the twins, an 11-year-old autistic boy and a seven-year-old girl from foster care. The couple has been the focus of at least three abuse allegations in the past several years, but nothing ever came of them.
Authorities haven't said how Nubia was killed or when they think the chemical was put on Victor.

Barahona, 53, told officers he put his dead daughter in the truck and began driving with his son, intending to commit suicide. He was distraught, gave his son a handful of sleeping pills and, with the boy's head in his lap, poured gasoline on himself, according to police documents.

He told police he intended to light himself on fire but said he could not do it because the boy was in the truck, according to the documents. When police asked why he didn't have similar burns as his son, he said some of the gasoline must have splattered on his son.

Fumes from the boy were so toxic, workers were overcome just by being close to him when they were wheeling him into the hospital. Four firefighters working the scene were also treated for chemical exposure.

Today (NZ time), police shut down a stretch of I-95 because they found a potentially dangerous chemical near where the truck was found. They wouldn't say what kind of chemical it was.

So many children are removed from homes to only be placed in worse homes in Ft Lauderdale.  Cheryl Whittaker, writing for the Examiner said: "As a case manager I saw it many times when my clients did really nothing wrong but the child was removed and investigation was prolonged to the point it was years before the biological parent ever got the child back no matter how much the parent did to get them back."

The Secretary for the Department of Children and Families, David Wilkins, was faced with some tough questions from a room of reporters in Miami. DCF officials say on on February 10th, a call came into their hot-line at 4 o'clock in the afternoon about possible abuse taking place at the Barahona home.

"The investigator got out there pretty quickly, but the husband and children were already gone," said Wilkins. On February 11th, an investigator went to the children's school, but were told the kids weren't in school. The DCF investigator returned that night but the mother, Carmen Barahona, told her the twins were with Jorge.

On the 12th, an investigator tried again to contact Jorge, but had no luck. By the 13th, they were finally able to make contact with Jorge who then told investigators that the twins were with their mother. Investigators returned to their home but the children still weren't around. That's when red flags were raised.

Sadly, by then, it was too late. 24 hours later, Jorge was found on the side of the road with Victor suffering inside the truck and the body of Nubia dead in truck's bed.

Wilkins has now launched a full investigation into the Barahona's case in order to figure out how the twins ended up in such a home, especially after allegations of abuse were brought up before their adoption.

"I wish I could answer that question," stated Wilkins. "I want them to look at foster care licensing and the screening process. I want this review done quickly, but very thoroughly."

Wilkins says medical conditions of the children complicated the decision-making of investigators, which could be why some injuries were overlooked. Once the review is complete, DCF plans to make those findings available to the media.

Their other adopted children have bene placed in foster care.


Anonymous said...

People who want to be foster parents or adopt children SHOULD be required to pass full psychological exams, pass drug tests, and pass extensive background checks.

This handing children over to lunatics NEEDS TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!

I'm lucky I survived my adoption. The man who adopted me threatened to kill me on a regular basis. He also molested and beat me and told me I was sh*t and ugly and no wonder my mother didn't want me.

Mirah Riben said...

I am so sorry for your pain and suffering and for the triggering this must incur.

You are so right!

I wonder if these freaks actually did get to finalize an adoption. The newspapers often get that fact wrong and call fosterers or prospective adopters adoptive parents when they are not. Not that it matters much in terms of their being approved and what they did.

But that's why I said details to follow as they become available...

Von said...

It has to stop.

Adoptee said...

What needs to happen is that family preservation needs to be the primary goal, as biological parents are FAR less likely to inflict this kind of horror on their own children. That is not to say it never happens, just that it is a LOT LESS LIKELY. For every child who is removed from their natural parents with good cause, there are 300 others removed because their house was dirty, their parents were poor, or the social worker plain didn't like them. The tyrannical government interventions need to stop, and YES foster parents/adoptive parents should face much stricter testing and requirements.

We went from providing help for a few needy children to CREATING a generation of children "in need" to salve our own egos. Too many social workers do the work our of some weird need to be useful, but the results are less than helpful to society or abused children.

It's a sick system.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. How in the world did these people ever qualify to foster or adopt? I'm an AP, and we got to go through lots of training, interviewing, background checks, more training ... or maybe it's that our agency and social workers are better than most, and wanted to make darn sure we were ready to deal with any issue that will arise as our child grows up. It just makes me so ANGRY. How in the WORLD did these people qualify to be near, much less raise children?

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