Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jillian Michaels: A Perfectly BAD Example...

Jillian Michaels of TV's "The Biggest Looser" has publicly announced that she is leaving the show to concentrate on the adoption she is the process of with her partner, from  the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I'd like to know:
  • Why is there no outcry from the adoptive parent community about ANNOUNCING an adoption when there is an abundance of outcry about naming a child as someone's adopted child in a news report???  WHY?  One reason is likely that it is not just celebs and politicians who ANNOUNCE their adoptions. The wen is chock full of every-day people chronicaling their adoption "journeys -- big huge poor me for my infertility and hooray for me for being so big-hearted to pay tens of thousands of dollars to take a child from his culture while ignoring the kids in US foster care!  Aren't I great and noble and brave, etc?
  • WHY is it OK to adopt an African child from Africa and not take an African-American child from foster care? Well, that one I know clear well the answer to: people would rather spend ten times as much to obtain a child whose mother cannot come anywhere near them!
  • WHY is Michaels adopting from a NON-HAGUE country??? This is a big no-no and she is setting an abhorrent precedent and negative example that sadly others wll copy-cat because she's a 'celeb.'

    PREDICTION: WATCH OUT for a Madonna Encore Repeat Performance:

    From Adoption.State.gov - a horse before the cart state of affairs:
    After you finalize the adoption (or gain legal custody) in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the U.S Government, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) MUST determine whether the child is eligible for orphan status as defined by U.S. immigration law.


    Anonymous said...

    Well, Jillian has taken "food for the hungry" to a whole new level. All that money she is spending could not only pair her and 'her partner ' with a needy American homeless child, but with what is left over she could supply the Los Angeles food bank with enough food to feed those in our OWN country who have so little to eat. Her example also encourages the birth rate to go up in Africa when women realize that human trafficking can make them rich.

    I will not be spending any money on Jillian's books, website, music, video's or game cds. Her heart is in the wrong place.

    We Americans supported her and gave her fame, but now she turns her back on her own. Shame on her!!!

    Mirah Riben said...

    Well said, Anon.

    if you want google Jillian Micheals and the word adoption. Find celeb gossip columns and blogs about this adoption.

    Copy and paste your comment wherever you find the opportunity!!

    Even if she doesn't get the message, maybe others will.

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