Thursday, February 24, 2011

At the Base: The Most Insidious and Resilient Adoption Myth

- People read about babies relinquished for adoption having been used as "practice babies" and think it was a good idea, "better than just lying in a crib in an orphanage."

- Special needs twins - Victor and Nubia - are allowed to be adopted by their foster parents despite several reports of abuse and serious neglect.

- Adopted people are still denied equality in 44 states or so...

- Pro-lifers almost never think about helping mothers keep their babies.

Besides being about adoption issues, what do these things have in common?

Why do we repeatedly see such things?

My contention is that all go on because of a basic belief that "those babies were unwanted anyhow."

Why help a woman who comes to a crisis pregnancy center keep her baby, she has shown just by being there - in crisis - that she doesn't want her baby.

Why worry about foster kids being abused - their own parents didn't want them

Adoptees are trash and should be grateful for whatever crumbs they get and grateful they weren't aborted.

How do we change these attitudes??


joy said...

I don't think we can. I think it is too base too tied to our animal instincts.

Theodore said...

"Pro-lifers almost never think about helping mothers keep their babies."

In my experience they do as soon as relinquishment is unpopular enough, and aborting becomes the default in abortion vs. relinquishment. Their objective as a movement is to make sure that the Keep (parenting + temporary foster and such) vs Relinquish-stage is reached. That is their main goal. If supporting keeping will do that, they will, if telling girls, "You can always relinquish" does, they will.

Theodore said...

Of course, one way to get at least Pro-Life more pro-keeping is even more adoptees making it publicly known that as far as they are concerned, they see no reason for gratitude for not having been aborted at all.

(Optimist adoptees, do NOT contradict them on camera, please, pretty please?)

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