Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Sofia's Journey is a 48 minute Documentary directed, Written, and Produced by Dr. Changfu Chang.

Daughter's Return, is 56 minutes.

In the last two decades, over 100,000 children have been adopted out of China. For cultural and political reasons, their Chinese birth parents are "invisible". As a result, almost without exception, adopted children have no way of knowing and connecting with their roots. For many adoptees who are coming of age, the lack of information on their birth parents creates a profound sense of
disappointment, frustration, and loss, and in some cases, leads to identity crises.

Sofia's Journey and Daughter's Return document the gripping journeys of three teenagers as they search for their birth parents in China. Ultimately, each quest becomes the search for their own past, identity, and place in complex relationships entwined with love and abandonment. These two films, along with Dr. Chang's widely acclaimed documentaries on international adoption, address timely issues concerning international adoptees.

Shot in high definition format by an award-winning production crew, Sofia's Journey and Daughter's Return are a rollercoaster, packed with unexpected turns of events, outpourings of emotion, and a timely engagement of critical issues.

These two films offer breathtaking "sight and sound" that captures the lives of six families spanning three continents.

They will be screened in Perkasie, PA, from 1 to 3 p.m. on Sunday, March 20 at 520 Dublin Road, Perkasie, PA 18944.  The program is sponsired by Welcome House Adoption Program of Pearl S. Buck
International at a screening of Dr. Changfu Chang's adoption documentaries,

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In adoption - for many decades, now - we seem to operate in two diametrically opposed directions simultaneously.

For 40 decades there has been a growing awareness of the grief and loss suffered by adoptees that for the most part goes unrecognized and is not dealt with.  We have likewise been keenly aware of the identity crisis that adoptees face and the pain of dealing with feelings with rejection, abandonment and a need to have real answers.

And yet we continue to have to battle - uphill - to get state legislators to allow adopted ADULTS access to their OWN OBC...while we continue to seal OBCs and create falsified documents so aps can go one pretending their adopted offspring were born to them and not even reveal the truth or reveal the truth with the adoptee at a loss to do anything about it - except for a few lucky ones in one of six states!

It's like being acutely aware of the damage of cigarettes and doing NOTHING to stop the sale!  When does the insanity stop? When does the AAC and EBDAI stand up and demand an end to falsified birth certificates???  I have never heard either org. say one word to that effect. Just keep on accepting the lies and expect different results?!!  Or, cash in on the problems created by lack of truth and openness in adoption by offering - fees based - "post adoption" services?!  When does the insanity stop! When do we BEGIN to DEMAND it stop??!

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