Monday, February 28, 2011

Barahona UPDATE: A Glimmer of Hope for Victor

The good news is that it has been reported Victor's physical wounds are healing and his condition is improving. He is reportedly up and walking at this time. Of course the mental scars he has endured being abused and witnessing the abuse and even the murder of his twin sister, that's another story.

Other new aspects of the case are that the Miami Herald is suing DCF over their refusal to release the records pertaining to the foster care and adoption of the twins, Victor and Nubia, the later of whom was found dead in the back of Barahona's pick up truck.

Their adoptive father, Jorge Barahona, is now facing attempted murder charges. Sure hope that gets upgraded to murder! Perhaps they are waiting to determine if it was Jorge or Carmen who killed Nubia. ?  Carmen Barahona has not yet been charged in the abuse case, but it is expected that she will face charges. 

Hedda Nussbaum - Joel Steinberg's common-law wife, you might remember, walked away scott free of any criminal charges though she sat and watched Lisa die and did not call any emergency services.  It was taken into account that she was herself a victim of Steinberg's severe abuse for many, many years and also she testified against him in exchange for not being charged herself. Steinberg himself was never charged with murder but a far lesser charge and is today a free man after illegally adopting two children, abusing one for the entire six years of her life in every unimaginable way until she finally succumb. The toddler boy was saved and, best of all, did not have to take another gamble at yet another stranger placement, but instead, I helped reunite him with his original family, with whom he has remained and grown into adulthood! But I digress from the present - equally monstrous - case...

DCF just released this statement regarding why it will not hand over all the documents related to the present Barahona ongoing investigation right now saying that, "Our law enforcement partners have asked that details of this still incomplete DCF investigation be kept confidential so that the criminal investigation and interviews are not compromised."

Privatized foster care did this...allowed all the warning signs to be ignored!

There is also a three member panel that is now looking at how DCF handled the case.  The panel heard from the head of the private agency running foster care in Miami-Dade county on Friday.

The Miami Herald spoke to panel member, Bobby Martinez who said, " In my opinion something failed.. that should have never happened."

In a related tragedy, Jennifer Perez, Carmen Barahona's daughter and the mother of the girl who reported the abuse is now in court. Jennifer Perez's 7-year-old daughter told a counselor that in her grandmother's house, the children were being tied and told to stand in a bathtub for hours.  Perez's daughter has also been taken into DCF custody, but she wants her daughter back.  Perez said of the situation, "It hurts that I was lied to when all this was going on and that my daughter was there."

Perez says she never wants to speak to her mother, Carmen, again.

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