Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Imaginary Mothers

Imaginary Mothers. What image does that conjure for you?

Soon it will be the image of an exciting 90-minute documentary by that name that describes the unregulated adoption industry from a perspective rarely seen: the natural mothers'. In the process, the film seeks to ask the tough questions surrounding adoption:
  • Is it always in the best interest of the child?
  • Should a billion dollar industry that brokers the exchange of children form one part of the world to another come under stricter regulation?
The director of Imaginary Mothers, an adoptee from Costa Rica recounts the ambiguous circumstances surrounding her own adoption in 1975 and explores the heartbreaking effects felt by her biological family and by her adopted siblings now living in the U.S.

The film travels from Costa Rica to rural Ohio, to the streets of New York City and sunny orlando Florida with an aim to address the unfavorable policies with the adoption industry that continue to treat children like commodities, without condeming families who have adopted.

The production of this important documentary will sear in the mind sof the public Imaginary Mothers like Angela Avila Arias, Elvira Arroyao Alfaro, Crescenia Maria Castro, Hellen Xiamara, Doris Benavides Morales...and you and I!

View a "teaser" clip here and be a part of making this documentary a reality!

Join with me in helping fund the director's return trip to Costa Rica to interview more mothers by donating. A fundraiser is planned for Feb. 28th, 7pm-10pm, West 3rd Common, 1 West 3rd Street, New York, NY where you can see an updated trailer and the winner of a one week stay in Costa Rica will be announced.

Your $20 donation will enter you in a raffle for a one-week stay in a ocean-view house in Costa Rica! 

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