Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bail Romero: A battle Ground Ignoring The Rights of Mother and Child

WARNING: Diabetocs and those with low gag reflex are warned not to read the opening paragraph:

They could not have children of their own so they did the most amazing thing anyone could do: they adopted. They plucked a fragile life from the air and breathed new life into a baby who may have been lost forever, said a New York Family Lawyer. And now the child may get taken away - and it may be the right thing to do. The couple adopted the baby boy not realizing it was not up for adoption. The sad tale begins four years earlier. [Yeah, right! "Parentless" babes are waiting to be plucked from this air, or the cabbage patch...don't some WISH!]

So begins a piece on The family Law Blog, entitled: "Messy Adoption Could See Child Returned to Mother, says New York Family Lawyer." 

It goes on:
The mother [note that Bail Romero remains unnamed, anonymlus, dehumanized throughout this article] was arrested trying to enter the United States of America illegally. She gave her son to her brother, said a New York Family Lawyer. The brother then gave the boy to a sister. The sister then handed the child off to a local church. From there, the church arranged an adoption and the boy made his way to America. It appears that everyone who acted did so in good faith, as there was no indication that anyone wanted to purposefully steal the baby from the birth mother.
When the natural mother found out about the entire ordeal she got into action and tried to get her child back, noted a New York Family Lawyer. She had never consented to the adoption and the boy was hers! Now, the supreme court of Missouri will decide the child's fate, notes a New York Family Lawyer. No, there isn't a chance they'll cut the boy in half.
The standard will be a simple one: what is in the best interest of the child. But, immigrant and minority rights groups have made this a battle ground, with care for the child taking a back seat to whatever political message is deemed more important,
Adoptions are tricky and often messy if done wrong. If you're thinking about adopting, contact a New York Family Attorney today.
Sure, just USE and exploit this woman's heartache as an advertisement!

"The entire Missouri Supreme Court called it a travesty of justice - but they were split on the remedy," writes Gaye Tannenbaum on Facebook.  "The minority wanted mother and child to be reunited NOW, the majority felt the law only allowed the court to order a retrial.

"These adoption attorneys are wrong. The only time 'best interests of the child' comes up first is when the parties have equal rights to the child (as in divorce). Adoption is different and the law ASSUMES that the child belongs with the biological parent unless there is proven neglect, abuse, or abandonment.

"Yes I know that's not the way it usually works in the real world of CPS, but that's the law. In this case, the local family court has to determine whether or not she abandoned the child (in the legal sense) before they can even entertain whether the child is 'better off' with the adopters.

"BTW - The adopters are living in a basement apartment and there are allegations of abuse against them. So it's not the 'illegal' vs. the upstanding-middle-class-white-picket-fence adopters by any means.

"Aside from the usual 'the only home he has ever known' argument, the adopters are arguing that the child DOESN'T SPEAK SPANISH and his mother doesn't speak English. So I guess all those IAs don't get forever families because their adopters don't speak the same language!"

Brilliant, Gaye! Thank you so much.

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Ralph said...

The parallel between this case and the Anna Mae He case in Tennessee is chilling.

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