Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jus' Ramblin'

Super Model Brooklyn Decker joins up with CBS' ET (Entertainment Tonight) and Pup Culture quizzes Packers football players about her upcoming movie and how many Kardashians they can name.

The she asks how many kids Brangelina have.  They guess 2, 4, 5...and one asks "Including the adopted ones." I have noticed that replays of this interview now have cut that part out. No doubt aps complained! Video (edited) here.

Object as they will and edit to suit them...the fact remains that there are segments of the population who make a distinction between adopted and not adopted kids! (And, don't aps when it's convenient for them?)

But, after all keeping secrets, hiding the truth...that's part and parcel of adoption!


With battling bills in NJ, I joined Pam Hasagawa and Peter Franklin yesterday in a meeting with NJ Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo (D). DeAngelo had originally sponsored A1406 but dropped off as a supporter. We asked him why. He said that he had not hear from both sides. But he also said that he has adoptive parent friends who are concerned.

Other than that, the meeting went very well. Pam presented a flow chart that makes the point that the OBC is not sealed at the time of relinquishment and in fact never is if the child remains in foster care, is institutionalized, or dies. It is only sealed at the time an adoption is finalized, and often (especially in the past) prospective adopters received court papers with our names!


Just when you thought you'd heard the wors adoption story ever:

I recently heard of a fifteen year old who father not only made her relinquish her child but also had her tubes tied.  She, later adopted!


Robin said...

I bet most people if they were honest would admit that they don't consider a-kids to really be a member of the family. This is one of the hardest aspects of being an adoptee.....that you always have to defend that you are, in fact, a member of the family. Many adoptees even have an adoptive family member who won't accept them because they are not blood. There is always a question surrounding an adopted family member as to whether or not s/he really belongs.

Mirah Riben said...

One poignant story that stands out in my mind of thousands I've heard:

An adoptee is at his the funeral of the father who raised him since birth. A cousin approaches and removes te ring from the adoptees finger and says: "That stays 'in the family'."!!

Robin said...

I'm sure that story and ones like it are far from uncommon. Although the APs may say that they think of the a-child exactly as they would a bio-child, it is not possible to control the thinking and beliefs of everyone else in the family. I think this issue is what contributes to so much of the insecurity seen in adoptees.

Mirah Riben said...

Grabbed my attention, because it is not uncommon thinking, even if not spoken aloud by the PC amongst us.

Mirah Riben said...

And what I also find fascinating is the desire to sanitize it via censorship and editing as if that makes those thoughts non-existent if we do not allow them airtime! Like not saying the "N" word creates a race neutral society. AS IF!!

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