Saturday, August 22, 2009

What Do YOU Think?

The Minneapolis St. Paul StarTribune thought it an interesting - if not heartwarming - human interest story. A couple who wants to adopt a child.

Well...not just ANY child. They want an infant, born of an American mother, who they can teach to speak French!

And...they are not pursuing it in any ordinary way. They are advertising on tee shirts, business cards, signs in their front yard and brochures!

If that's not enough, they are not the typical prospective adopters either. Kathy Ollivier, despite her youthful looks, is FIFTY-ONE!

Please red the comments. Many people are actually "getting" the fact that adoption is supposed to be intended to help kids who have no family to care for them adequately find homes...NOT to help those who waited too long to decide to be parents find a mother in crisis to exploit.

What do YOU think?

1 comment:

triona said...

I think it's appalling. There are plenty of foster kids in need of care, but this couple wants the proverbial tabula rasa (which doesn't exist).

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