Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Aborted Adoptions

Heather Cannon-Winkelman writes in the Liberian Journal a poignant tale of personal experience with those in failed adoptions as background for the question “What happens to the child when adoptions fails?”

She focuses on Liberia, a nation that is "part of a long list of developing war-torn and impoverished nations that have been vulnerable to proven abusive adoption practices causing too many children to suffer in this often unregulated multi-billion dollar industry."

Cannon-Winkleman uses a true story to illustrate how an already traumatized Liberian child was harmed from his aborted adoption: a preteen boy who was adopted from Liberia in 2007 to a U.S. family and how his adoption was disrupted within six months of bringing him home to the U.S. ...a child about whom an adoptive father proclaimed: “God placed it in my heart to adopt and help this child.”

In the U.S. there have been over 200 reported cases of children adopted domestically or internationally that were abused or killed by their adoptive parents. The children who survived this violence have suffered from physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and deprivation. Also, from these recorded cases, several of the children were homeschooled and this helped hide the abuse from the authorities ...most startling is that many of these disruptions occur under the radar. Currently, there is no universal tracking or monitoring system to determine how many children have experienced failed adoptions and where they are placed.

The issue of children being sent back because of failed intercountry adoptions is documented in The Stork Market.

Cannon-Winkleman goes onto discuss RAD and its misdagnosis.

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