Monday, August 3, 2009

Buenos Dias de Guatemala

I'm here! I have very limited Internet access and so very much to report.

We have met with some of the most amazing, courageous women and I have learned soooo much! It's very intense.

For those who have attended national conferences, imagine one that lasted ten days and every day filled with emotionally heavy meetings, presentations, session and panels.

Now imagine your accomodations are dorm style - five to a room. The shower is ice cold, but sometimes you can get a hot shower in the room across the hall from yours. You live out of a suitcase with no drawers or closets. No A/C or even ceiling fans. Lots oftraffic noises.

Now...add to that that you are virturally a prisoner in a very small confined space for all of this as it it dangerous to go out and you cannot go anywhere alone!

Many of the presentations are on violence - extreme, violence gainst women that occurs here with impunity. Women raped, but tortured and not just murdered, but mutilated, decapitated and dismembered...simply because they are women. So you here about all of this violence all day and are told not to go out alone - you DON'T.

There are armed military on the streets, but not necessarily to protect you.

This is just the logistics.

I will try to get back on the computer soon to more details of the presentations.

I have learned so much my head is exploding.

UPDATE: Have left Guatemala City and am now in Anitigua for two more days of meetings - these are more focused on adoption, the children "in the pipeline" anbd those who may have been kidnapped.

PLEASE STAY TUNED!! I have pages and pages of notes and photos and will share when I am able.

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