Wednesday, August 19, 2009


More and more often the media "reports" a story that is filled with more questions than answers.

The following is such a case:

Amanda Zblewski, 27, of Wisconsin, gave birth to a girl who she subsequently claims she sought adoption for through Lutheran Social Services.

Zblewski is now testifying at a preliminary hearing for Bobbi Jo Dolski, 32, who faces charges of abduction of another’s child.

Zblewski said Dolski went with her to her final appointment in the adoption process with Lutheran Social Services.

The child is now 16 months old.

Zblewski said Jason Dolski, 30, who is Bobbi Jo’s husband, was present at the birth of the child. Dolski put his name on the child’s birth certificate, and Zblewski believed that was the legal way to adopt a child, she said.

The couple is charged with abduction of another's child, unauthorized placement of adoption, false statement on a birth certificate and neglecting a child. Zblewski faces a charge of false statement on a birth certificate.


More details as available. A strange story indeed. No mention of any money changing, perhaps the mother wanted her child adopted nd had this specific couple in mind. What's so wrong with that?

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