Monday, August 31, 2009

Being Gay in America - Being Adopted in America

I have posted to two blog posts (the first one back in March) about the fight of gays for acceptance and equality in regard to marriage rights particularly, and the fight of adoptees for the right to their own original birth certificate. One of my posts on the subject focused on Harvey Milk

Here is an interesting excerpt of a blog post by a gay adoptee who is seeing the same connection, after all - discrimination is discrimination whether it is about skin color or any other thing that makes one "other" or different and denies one the same equality those not of his "class" take for granted:

I am adopted and I have spent a little time trying to find out who my biological parents are. It is illegal for me to find out the their names in the state in which I was born. One of the adoption advocates I have contacted said something interesting to me that was liberating. In a conversation I asked for her thoughts on the idea that if adopted children were allowed to know their biological parents it would reduce the number of people willing to give kids up for adoption. Her answer was "So what?!" She didn't believe that were true, but even if it were, all people have a right to know who they are and where they come matter what. It may not seem like it when you read it, but that was a powerful idea. For me it is the same with gay rights issues. There may be arguments against certain gay rights. "If gays serve openly in the military, it may hurt troop cohesion" or "If we recognize Civil Unions for homosexuals it will degrade the sanctity of marriage" (heterosexuals have screwed this up so bad I would think homosexuals could only improve it). I don't believe either of those statements nor would likely agree with the hundreds of other fearful scenarios connected to providing equal rights for homosexuals. I don't think the real answer is to argue each case. I think the most adequate answer is "So What?!" All human beings deserve the right to be true to themselves, regardless of what others think or an imagined outcome. The people I view as patriots do not just support rights for the people who live their lives like their own....that is easy. They support freedom and justice FOR ALL!

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