Thursday, August 13, 2009

International Adoption and the Fight for Human Rights

I write today to share with you an article in Conducive Magazine by Hilbrand W.S. Westra, Chairman, United Adoptees International

Amongst other things, this article reveals:

"But, lest we forget the role of the Church in paving the way for child trafficking, initially within Western countries and later in their colonies, Carine Hutsebaut, criminologist and founder of ICMAC (International Center for Molested and Abducted Children), wrote a very important book (Kleine zondaars – Kerk en kinderhandel [Little sinners – The Church and Child Trafficking]), explaining how the Catholic church had a hand in trafficking children to childless parishioners in different cities and countries.

The fortress that religious groups, adoptive parents, agencies and politicians have built to protect their monied interests and feelings of entitlement to other people’s children appears to be almost impregnable. However, the first cracks in their bastion are slowly becoming visible. The question we must ask ourselves, though, is who else is willing to push for necessary changes? Until now, the group fighting for children’s rights and family preservation programs is small, but committed."

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dolls like us said...

When I was young I knew a Japeneese girl who had been adopted her family couldn't afford her . Her p[arents were in the service and were over seas and they adopted her they loved her a lot and were good parents to her .

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