Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Must Read (and share) Scathing Report on Pregnancy Crisis Centers and Bethany Christian!

Kathryn Joyce tore the covers off the Christian rights' tie in with the National Council for Adoption as the key marketing arm of the domestic adoption industry in:

Shotgun Adoption, which appears in the September 14, 2009 edition of The Nation.

"It's logical that antiabortion organizations seeking to prevent abortions and promote traditional family structures would aggressively promote adoption, but this connection is often overlooked in the bipartisan support that adoption promotion enjoys as part of a common-ground truce in the abortion wars....

"Christian adoption agencies court pregnant women through often unenforceable promises of open adoption and the option to choose the adoptive parents. California's Lifetime Adoption Foundation even offers birth mothers college scholarships. Additionally, maternity homes have made a comeback in recent years, with one network of 1,100 CPCs and homes, Heartbeat International, identifying at least 300 homes in the United States. Some advertise almost luxurious living facilities...

"Such enthusiasm for Christians to adopt en masse begins to seem like a demand in need of greater supply, and this is how critics of current practices describe it: as an industry that coercively separates willing biological parents from their offspring, artificially producing "orphans" for Christian parents to adopt, rather than helping birth parents care for wanted children....

"There were nineteen lawsuits against CPCs between 1983 and 1996, but coercive practices persist. ...

Kudos to Joyce and The Nation for this courageous expose that includes case history horror stories . Pass the link around widely!

This should be required reading for every woman considering adoption.

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