Saturday, April 10, 2010

Video Interview on RT TV Re Artyem Savilev aka Artyom Savelyev


Carolc said...

Great job, Mirah!

Anonymous said...

Mirah mentions 19 cases that have gone wrong BUT from a total of how many cases? how many cases have gone well? If the mother felt that she did not have enough information she should have not made the decision to adopt. Adoption like biological motherhood is a lifelong commitment. Children have rights, who is looking after the rights of this child?

Mirah Riben said...

That is exactly the point, Anon: Who is looking after the rights of the children? Not adoption agencies who do not emphasize the difficulties in taking older children who have been institutionalized. They sweep problems under the rug like sleazy used car salesman because they are more concerned with collecting a fee than the child's welfare. A truly reputable agency would never have let a single mother take on such a daunting task! And a woman with half a brain could have figured that out herself.

Anonymous said...

Having adopted from Russia myself, and knowing otheres that have, any backround information you receive from the orphanage can't be counted on. They lie. Everyone knows they do as it is part of their culture to not discuss these issues. Also, they want to give the child a chance at a new start so they do not tell you the full story. I knew this when I adopted my daughter 1o years ago.
I prepared myself by reading everything available on adoption. I knew what to expect, just as a 33 year old nurse should have. I am shocked at how many women adopt children from Russia and have NO IDEA of the culture, people, etc. of the country they are taking their child from. To not educate youself when you are adopting a child is your fault. Not the agencies, childs, etc. Your child is coming from poverty and the sooner you realize this the better.

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