Thursday, April 22, 2010

Adoption is Racist and Sexist: No Surprise There!

This study was as surprising as one that might reveal that men watch sports.

US Prefers Girls and Non Black Children for Adoption

From the new studies done by the group of economists it has been seen that the parents in US are adopting children who are girls and are non black.

The data collected from an adoption centre from 2004-2009 was picked up and studied by a team from the Institute of Technology, the London School of Economics and New York University. From these studies economists were able to know which babies fascinated most applicants more and how much the how much the parent needed to pay to finalize theadoption.

It was told by Leonardo Felli, an Economics Professor at LSE, that the non African American babies fascinated parents 7 times more than the African American babies.

From the research it was also seen that the girls attracted parentsone third more than the boys.

"With biological children, the literature shows that there's a slight but significant preference for boys over girls. But in adoption, there's a very strong preference for girls over boys", said Leeat Yariv, an Associate Professor of Economics at Caltech.

Felli also mentioned that the adoption system in the Unites States was unfair.

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Von said...

'Unfair'? Gosh someone noticed!Racist adopters too?

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