Friday, April 9, 2010

"Disannuled" Adoption

Torry Hansen, 33, and her mother Nancy insist they did not abandon Artyom Savelyev because an attorney she found online told her it was OK.

Torry Hansen is not only a poor excuse for mother, it is a wonder ho she passed exams to become a nurse since she lacks proper English skills. The note she sent off with the child she decided to return, stated that she no longer wishes to parent the child and "would like the adoption disannulled." Duh...HUH...aint that like a double negative?

When the lawyer she found online advised her the adoption could be reversed, Hansen booked the flight and paid the fee for a steward to escort Justin through the airport, her mother Nancy said. She hired a driver in Moscow she found online to pick the child up from the Moscow airport, she said. She found "safe references" for the driver online, she said.

When her daughter, Torry Hansen, adopted the boy from a Russian orphanage last year, she asked the doctor there if he had any physical or mental problems, Nancy Hansen says.

The doctor answered "'He's healthy,' and turned and left," she said.

The Russian Children's Rights Commissioner Pavel Astakhov, however, said the child was "completely healthy, physically and mentally" before the adoption. "Nobody withheld anything from her [Torry Hansen]," he said. "It's a lie."

Once the child learned enough English, he told the Hansen's about the horrors of his previous life, including being beaten at the orphanage after his mother abandoned him, she said.

Joe Soll speaks out, criticizing the trauma of adption separation and loss.

Chuck Johnson of NCFA also was interviewed by RT and focuses on the majority of adoptions of Russian adptions that are happily-ever-after and spoke glowingly about the Hague.

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Anonymous said...

Disannul is a word. I made the same mistake, so I looked it up to be sure.

I thought Chuck Johnson had been replaced? What happened to the woman?

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