Sunday, April 18, 2010

NJ Convolutes Adoptee and Birth Mother Rights

Aheaern: Battle to open adoption records

This NJ OpEd is full of false assumptions about what mothers who relinquish want and don't want and further distorts and intertwines issues of equal access to a birth certificate with access to medical records because of the way NJCare has presented the issue.

Unbelievably, this editorial additionally makes the argument that adoptive parents deserve the right to keep the adoption a secret from their adopted child into his adulthood!

Whether you live in or near of NJ, please tell the public that mothers are OK with all parties having their right to birth certificates on which they are named and by-and-large are OK meeting their kids...but not OK with having their private, HIPAA protected, medical information released.


My reply:

NJ has convoluted a very simple human rights issue that PA is getting right. All persons have an equal civil right to their original, true birth certificate. Adoptees are currently denied this right all others take for granted. They likewise have a right to their pediatric hospital records. No right of adults is dependent on the approval of their parents - adoptive or natural - and neither should this be. Ahearn, the ACLU nor any others have any right to make false assumptions about what others want or don't want and have no right to expect laws to protect secrets and lies. What we do expect is respect for our confidential medical and social history. The two issues are separate. Adopted citizens deserve to be equal to non-adopted. No less and no more.


Von said...

We've had open records in South Australia for decades, works for us.

Anonymous said...

well,in the U.K children are raised knowing they are adopted and have access to their original birth certificates and i do not believe they should be denied the right to do this.

Mirah said...

Yeah, well..the rest of the civilized world also has socialized medicine. This is the USA, Incorporated...capitalism = $$ more important than human life!

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