Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Adopters Sue for Wrongful Adoption

Adoption agencies are not in business for humanitarian reasons to aid children in need. They are in business. See yesterday's post on profits made by so-called non-profit adoption agencies.

In the capitalism-running-wild U.S. ,the government puts no restrictions on their practice, so... maybe law suits will scare them, and even put some out of business permanently.

Chip and Julie Harshaw from Virginia Beach are suing Bethany Christian Services, seeking compensation for the care of their Russian adoptive son, Roman. They claim the agency misled them about Roman’s condition when they described him as “a beautiful, healthy, on-target, blond-haired boy.”

After bouts of hyperactivity and aggression, Roman was diagnosed with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, brain damage and neuropsychiatric problems, and an IQ of 53. He was placed in an institution, and "one of his doctors said he is not expected to ever live independently."

The Harshaws say they told the agency they could care only for a child with minimal health problems and a “good prognosis for normal development,” and would not have adopted their son if they had known the extent of his impairments.

They rejected one child because he had abuse-inflicted burns. But when a toddler in a Siberian orphanage appeared to fit their criteria, they bought the boy....ooops brought the boy, Roman, home. “ ‘A beautiful, healthy, on-target, blond-haired boy’ was what they had quoted to us,” Ms. Harshaw said.

Bethany disputes most of their claims.

Can you please tell me how adopting a child is "the same as if" the child were born to you? Can you tell me how this fits with the adoption being God's plan?

Who do biological parents get to sue when they are handed a child with unexpected medical issues?

Wouldn't we all also love to see some wrongful adoption claims made by abused adoptees and birth parents such as fathers whose rights were totally abrogated?

The backlash from these lawsuits however is increased loss of rights to medical privacy for mothers relinquishing who are treated like prize pedigrees being breeded. In fact, the future mat hold relinquishing mothers being made to sign legal liability for lack of complete disclosure - which would be interesting,considering some are told not to reveal who the father is.

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choose joy said...

Yuck! This makes me sick! But I know very well how common this story is (maybe not the suing part but the regretting they didn't get the perfect appliance they ordered). I hear it all the time from fellow adoptive parents and from social workers helping us through the adoption process of our children. Our most recent adoption (of a sweet little girl born addicted to many things!) - I can't tell you home many times our agency tried to talk us out of adopting her. Even after we had already adopted 3 special needs kids (one child completely dependent on a wheelchair) and they still didn't get it. Why would you want to pay money for spoiled goods? It makes me sick! Especially having been adopted from an orphanage myself. It really brings up a lot of emotion for me - like what if my adoptive parents had felt that way and as soon as I got challenging sent me back? Yikes! Anyway...good job spreading the word, Jennifer

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