Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Worse Than a Death

"I can truly tell you it was worse than a death because at least with a death you can closure you don't have to worry about where their at or think about where they are or how they are. And we always have to think about that."

Sounds very familiar to those of us who lost our children to adoption. We know this pain and angst. Those of us who carried out child for nine month. Felt it kick. Labored, birthed and knew out child carried our DNA. We know this all too well.

But the quote above was spoken by a woman who "knew" a set of twins for TWO WEEKS...twins that were totally unrelated to her.  Her input into their lives was payment.

Infertile, Scott and Amy Kehoe, purchased eggs and sperm and hired a human womb to carry the creation for them.

And imagine the nerve of the "surrogate" rent-a-womb canceled the contract when she dcvovered that
Amy Kehow has admitted to "being treated for an undiagnosed mental disorder.

This all happened in Michigan which does not recognize surrogacy,so the court ordered the twins returned to their non-biologically connected carrier mother, calling her their birth mother.

Oddly, as I am typing this Sarah Jessica Parker is on Letterman hawking her new movie.  She brought photos of her now 6-month old twins carried by a surrogate. She is saying that one of the twins and her son, age 7, look alike?  Were they produced with her genetic material? Her husband's. Did she birth her son?

No, I do not think biology is everything. I think buying genetic material and surrogacy are creepy and in most cases totally disregard the rights and future health concerns of the children being created.


maryanne said...

These kinds of cases just make my head explode. It creates a kid with no parents really, and too many parents in another way. It just should not be done.

AdoptAuthor said...

it is a strong indication of the total selfishness of human beings - primarily females. They want to have it all: their career, a child, "family" - without men at times and certainly without any consideration for the child as a human being with rights of his own. Children are clearly seen in society today as accessories, accouterments, objects to buy or create at will, and then leave with nannies to raise - even when it is their own flesh and blood.

It's a very sad commentary on society. How far we have "evolved" from being really human beings.

Earth mother signing off...

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