Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Good Idea/Bad Idea

Sir Elton John is to "support" the young Ukrainian child who touched his heart - even though he has given up hope of adoption.

He said: "It's not possible - the laws don't support the adoption. And we are finding ways of supporting Lev and his brother from here, keeping them in their own country and just making sure that they have the best health care, education and family options available to them."  

Elton John's partner David Furnish continued: "We'd love to adopt them and bring them back here to Britain but the laws don't support us in that regard so we're going to do everything we can from here and keep them in their own country."

The musician's partner, David Furnish, said today that they were now campaigning for a change in the law in Ukraine and added that he was "gutted" they could not bring young Lev to the UK to live with them. Their wish to adopt Lev and his brother was curtailed by the authorities because the millionaire star was deemed too old at 62 and was also in a same-sex relationship.

Note to E J:   There are LOTS of other kids that need homes. You do not have to use your "weight" of celebrity and wealth to have laws changed to suit you, as Madonna -- who it is alleged is not giving up the idea of adopting yet again -- has done! It's VULGAR!!

You are doing the ight thing and what a whole lot more should do to support chidlren to remain in their families and culture.

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