Thursday, December 3, 2009

THIS is Charitable Adoption!

Prague Daily Monitor reports:

Charity launches distance adoption of Peruvian kids

2 December 2009
Plzen, West Bohemia, Dec 1 (CTK) - The Plzen Diocese Charity organisation has launched a project of adoption of Peruvian children at a distance, to complement its similar projects that have been underway in Bolivia and Paraguay since 2003, Pablo Chacon Gil, from the charity, has told CTK.
The new plan is aimed to support children from poor families living in Peru's Amazonas area. The charity has already chosen ten children for Czech adoptive parents to help.

"The kids come from the swelling suburbs of Iquitos, a town that is accessible only by boat or plane. It is the administration centre of the Loreto province in the Amazonas area. It has about 260,000 inhabitants," Chacon said.

He said the children selected for adoption live in a quarter suffering from unemployment and soaring crime. Their families have come to the town from the rainforest. Most of the local population survives thanks to international aid and to sources gained in the jungle, Chacon said.
Plzen Diocese Charity director Jiri Lodr said the project aims to support the education of children from the lowest-income groups in the countries involved.

In 2008, the charity sent almost 800,000 crowns to Bolivia within the distance adoption project involving over 200 Bolivian kids.

As far as Paraguay is concerned, the charity has secured Czech adoptive parents for more than 60 children.

It focuses on Peru now as two years ago it provided help to Peru after a devastating earthquake. Volunteers helped construct new houses for the families in the Tantara area whom the quake left homeless.

Chacon said the Plzen Charity has established a centre of development cooperation to think out ways to support children in South American schools and secure cooperation between local schools and schools in the Czech Republic.

"In an area that was hit by floods in 2008 we would like to help complete a school building. The local school consists of a mere two classrooms for small children. The older kids learn outdoors," Chacon said.

Alberto Salas Barahona, the Peruvian ambassador to the Czech Republic, told journalists Tuesday that the Plzen Diocese Charity helped in Peru after an earthquake in 2007 and has been well known there since.

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THIS is truly charitable, loving, caring adoption!  
THIS is what Madonna and Angelina and anyone else with enough money to adopt just ONE child should be doing! 

AND CHURCHES who raise funds to bring ONE CHILD to fill ONE FAMILY'S dream! 
Shame of them.  

True Charity is Selfless, Not Self-serving

That includes not serving the needs of a religion to increase its flock!

What utter BULL (or total delusion) it is for anyone to say they are concerned about children starving in Africa, or languishing in crowded orphanages in deplorable conditions - and then take ONE, two or even three children and leave all the rest.

Note that today, it is more a LIE then ever before because the facts prove that 95% of the children in the orphanages are over age five and 98% of those being adopted by Americans are under five!

Baby Brokers fill orders and meet a demand, while the kids in need - here and abroad - are left behind.

Once again, I remind you at the HOLIDAY TIME to consider a donation to SOS Children's Fund or Save the Children.

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