Saturday, December 12, 2009

Genetically Victimized Children

A website is being created,, that is intended to educate American women about the ongoing practice of unauthorized egg-sharing in this country, and provide a way for them to protect themselves from becoming victims of this heinous practice. It is under construction and scheduled to be available January 2010.

Ironically, one of the biggest hurdles may be convincing some women who are undergoing IVF in this country that they are at risk and should not blindly trust physician service providersbeleiving they are more committed to the oath to do no harm than to make a smuch money as they can.

An independent audit reported 669 embryos and 2,140 eggs unaccounted for, and a plethora of additional evidence indicating unauthorized egg-sharing practices.

As we learned from a similar unauthorized egg-sharing scandal (commonly referred to as The UCI Fertility Scandal) which erupted in Orange County, California during the mid-1990s, the real victims are, course, the children conceived through unauthorized egg-sharing arrangements, who will eventually come of age, and begin searching for their maternal genetic roots by contacting the fertility clinics where they were conceived, only to find out that the records containing this invaluable information have been destroyed (ostensibly to keep the clinic's need for storage space under control, but more likely to protect the reputations of those who facilitated, and profited from, these unconscionable, black-market reproduction arrangements).

The Royal Heritage Foundation, a Non-Profit, Public Benefit Organization, was established in October 2008 to assist these tragically forgotten children as they search for their genetic origins.

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