Thursday, December 3, 2009

Make a Difference!

This year is 20th Anniversary of the Rights of the Child ...


Yesterday, I wrote about an amazing Czech program to "adopt" peruvian children.

Today, I am asking you to make a difference this Christmas.

Help provide formula, diapers, clothing and care for  Guatemalan orphans - many with special needs.

Buy one less tie for a one man on your Christmas gift list who already has more ties than he knows what to do with.

Buy one less toy for your grandchild who has a houseful.

Jesus said:  " …  for I was hungry and you gave me food, … I was naked and you clothed me, …"

He did not say buy me a Wii...or an iPhone.


OR donate via email at: LOVETHECHILDOFFICE@GMAIL.COM and my very good friends who I had the good fortune to visit at Amor del  Niño will send your friends, family and coworkers a beautiful Christmas card with photos of their children, and a message of good cheer….telling them you thought so much of them this Christmas season.
And, as a BONUS...YOU will feel better than ever knowing the true meaning of Christmas giving!


Sheila Ganz said...

This is a very important issue, which is why I am making the documentary Moms Living Clean. Over three years Moms Living Clean follows the struggles and triumphs of six drug addicted mothers in an innovative rehab program on the verge of losing their children. The film interweaves drug laws aimed at pregnant and parenting women with addictions, and the legacy of imprisonment and foster care on their children. For more info and to watch the 4 minute trailer visit:

Thank you,
Sheila Ganz

AdoptAuthor said...


Thank you. That is also an important issue. I assume you are aware that Discovery Health is doing a series entitled "I'm Pregnant, But..."

Everyone should look for when this is being aired in this area. It focuses on women who are pregnant in prison, on drugs, or struggling with mental illness.

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