Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ontario Disallowed Father's Names

An issue of great concern for my colleagues at the Canadian Council of Natural Mothers CCNM is that when mothers relinquished, and gave the father's name, wrote it in on the forms for the birth certificate - it was deleted, whited out, expunged.

Now that the records have been opened, adoptees are finding their mother sbut not fathers.

Karen Lynn of CCNM says they went to great extent with photo copying secions of the forms that were whited out so that the dotted line she KNOWS she wrot eon appears to be in tact!

Apparently, the law, up until 1986, forbade listing the father's name on birth registries or adoption papers for children of unmarried mothers unless both mother and father demanded it.  So only some 10% of those documents identify a father.


maryanne said...

When I filled out my son's original birth certificate paper work in the hospital I was told I could not list his father's name because we were not married. This was in the US, 1968. This did not only happen in Canada.

Anonymous said...

That's BS. The government systematically made bastards out of non-bastards!!!!

It's also BS that married couples can list the husband as the child's father when the wife and/or the husband know full well that the child is another man's creation!

Falsification of birth records is an epidemic in our governments. These correct institutions that tax us and control us are plagued with guilty forgers (vermin) with the blood, sweat and tears of innocent adoptees on their hands!!!

These forgeries must stop! The U.S. Constitution is not being upheld and criminals with the authority to place state seals on falsified documents are destroying families with their crimes.

AdoptAuthor said...

YES! And by disallowing mother to list father - or deleting them when they were listed eliminates an adopted person's ability to find their father, unless they find a living mother willing to tell them.

So who are these lies protecting? Neither the adoptee nor the mother as has always been proclaimed. It protects men, and yes, creates bastards of children who are not.

And it's not about lineage or DNA, it's about inheritance rights and finding out about "dalliances" and "indiscretions" - that takes precedent over the rights of the human being born! Marriage (created, if I am not mistaken, in large part around inheritance rights) is as much a smoke screen in some regards as is adoption. Children are the husband's - whether he is the father in reality or not!

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