Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Totally OFF TOPIC...or is it?

I'm talking about the Tiger Tales of all that TAIL!

OK...he's a good looking, charming, captivating, intriguing and charismatic public sports figure and a multi-millionaire....

As such, Woody Woods he has the most beautiful women in the world throwing themselves at him.  He "can." Now that the number of "mistresses" who have come forward is up to ten...labels such as "sex addict" "love addict" have been floated.Does that explain his misogynist behavior? Is it an addiction that allows him to treat women as objects for his pleasure?

Had he chosen to remain a bachelor he could have had them all -- with all of their consent -- and no one would be saying one word about it now. As a single man, a bachelor, like, say George Clooney, he'd not be making headlines and losing endorsements.

But he not only chose to marry - he also has two very young children.  So, if rumors are true that he not only had multiple trysts, but also unprotected sex ... he not only risked having a love-child, but also risked bringing disease home to his wife and the children she conceived during the marriage.  One of the brilliant mistresses is reportedly now being checked for STDS.

And not only did he chose to be married and have kids, but it is ALLEGED that in renegotiating their pre-nup, it ir RUMORED that he is offering his wife, Elin money to stay. Why?  Was the marriage always for the purpose of providing a respectable "front" much like some public "in the closet" gays, such as the previous governor of NJ? That too is objectifying of women.

So, it's not about adoption...but is not about family?

Machismo and infidelity are major factors in spousal abuse, violence against women, and lead to family disruptions.  And yet one female TV pundit (I think it Star Jones in The Insider, but not sure) excused it all saying: men will be excuse rapists use.

Others have said he needs to apologize. Really? Just apologize?  Think he needs a major lifestyle change one way or the other, but of course the decsion in this case is Elin's.

I am by no way casting all blame in one direction.  The women he was involved with -- who seem to all be coming forward as if it's a trophy to have slept with the Wood -- also lacked integrity.  The one who saved text messages and is revealing them to the media is clearly a gold digger of the worst kind. One note of humor, at least to of his mistresses said that she broke it off when she foud out he was cheating on her with other mistresses!

David Letterman, an admitted filanderer, ha the nerve to make Toger Woods jokes! And Barbara Walters supports Letterman saying he pro-catively apologized before the mess hit the news.  However, the circumstances were different: Letterman was being blackmailed.  The only difference between the two is degree...number of extra-mariral trysts.

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