Monday, December 7, 2009

Poor Suffering Bastard!

Is this a result of religious craziness or adoption craziness?

DEAR BILLY GRAHAM:I’m in my 50s, and recently I found out my parents weren’t married when I was born. (They put me up for adoption, and I never knew them.) This has been hard for me, and now I’m even wondering if God will reject me for being illegitimate. Is this possible? — W.L.

What a pity a grown adult should have to ask such questions...or feel such insecurities, fears and doubts. He apparently also expresses feeling rejected by the "sinners" who bore him (which kinda seems contradictory?).

And, hey dude, did you just find out you're adopted? Cause isn't that what most people assume is why anyone is adopted?  Or were you told they were newlyweds who died in a car crash on their honeymoon? Or perhaps it was the "she died in delivery, and he was killed in the war" story you got?

Billy Graham sets him straight and does not - hallelujah - go into any of the recently contrived nonsense about so-called "biblical adoption" - the vertical and horizontal malarky.

But my goodness, do people really still think like this in the 21st century? Yeah, I guess it goes right into the same pile with those who believe that being gay is an abomination of God's will, too!  Surrounded by in liberalism, I sometimes forget.

I'm sorta pleased and a bit surprised that Billy Boy did not explain that adoption erased all that "sin of fornication" and made him "as if he were born to" the legitimacy married parents who adopted him. I mean, isn't that purpose of adoption - a kind of religious re-birth with a new certificate and all to erase the shame of bastarditis?  But I'm sure this fellow would have no trouble finding another preacher man who WOULD assure him of that!

Bottom line - marriage is a piece of paper. So is your adoption decree. They bind unrelated people into a legal relationship...some willingly and knowingly. Only God can create a child, and He makes no mistakes, or so I'm told.

And,'re in good company. Mary was an unwed teenage mother and her kid made out pretty well, I'm told (until that crucifixion thing).

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