Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Human Ability to Rationalize - Normalize? - the Surreal

It's a romanticized, spiritualized tale of two simultaneously ordered surrogacies made into real life scifi wherein “actually, there is no biological mother” an a newage fairy tale replete with human "carriers" and, the only anonymous party in the story, a "Fairy Goddonor" - had she donated God? - a woman who didn't know if she wanted children, also known as “donor-angel.”  The eggs are as magical as a seeds that when fertilized turn into a bean stalk and carry a boy to a giant's home.

The innocence of a child who asks why don't they get a puppy is shared and tossed off just as is The Handmaid's Tale and the unsettling discovery that many people "disapprove of surrogacy and egg donation." She has the ability to filter all she sees and hears, rejecting all that disagrees with her master plan.

Above all else, it is a self-serving story painting the author as half saint and half the creator of "honesty" while constantly needing to create an entire language to describe the children created in sterile laboratories.

It's the story of a woman who believes that "having children was one of life’s great acts of self-definition" but cannot. A woman too old - 40-something - to be chosen by an expectant mother seeking adoption in a world in which "the widespread use of birth control and abortion, among other factors, has caused the supply of infants available for adoption in the subsequent three decades to plummet to a fraction of what it was" in the 1970s.

“TELL EVERYONE or tell no one,” the director of an egg-donation agency advised me. “If you tell even one person that you used a donor, word will spread. But if it were me, I’d tell no one,” she added. “Look, I run an agency, so it’s in my interest to promote these kinds of families, but to be honest, if I couldn’t have children naturally — God forbid — I wouldn’t want anyone to know!”

They call their creations "Twiblings."

Some will no doubt applaud the choices of this woman and her husband as "brave" (as in Brave New World) and even selfless. She very adeptly paints herself as a courageous warrior on a noble path, providing details intended to yield admiration for being far superior to those who don't face all the weirdness as openly as she is able to...a super woman, able to triumph over fears and insecurities that  most - lesser humans - succumb to.

For myself, it's super creepy tied up with a bow. It has all the obscenity of those with as much disregard for the thousands of homeless pets put to sleep every day as they have money and use it to  clone their pets. Just replace pets with human beings.

For me it is akin to the made public accounts of adopters who terminate adoptions as if bearing their souls will somehow abdicate them from guilt, like adulterous public figures who - after being caught - make public apologies and expect pity and pats on the back for the "courage" of their "honest" revelation.

Taking the analogy further, it brings to mind a pedophile deeply entrenched in his belief that the children he molests love him and want him to do these abhorrent things to them. It is that self-absorbed and out of touch with anyone else's reality, for me.

Full story here.

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