Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Family Preservation Hero of the Year

Scott A. Nordstrom found me online via  blog comment.

He told me that after the death of their daughter, Faith, he and his wife "attended an adoption seminar and [were] pulled in the direction of helping wife and I decided to opt-out of our adoption.  We were approved to proceed and were on the wait we learned more about the need, it became apparent that there was much more to do to serve Orphans that merely getting them adopted one at a time.  Our biggest project to date is the House of Faith Orphanage in Zambia, Africa, where we currently host 38 children and will grow to 72.

"We have resisted to get involved with adoption from our Orphanage.  The Zambian Government makes this somewhat difficult, but in addition, my perspective has changed as it pertains to the children.  They are currently living in their culture, and many have extended family nearby.  In addition, as you have noted, some have one parent –somewhere.  What if the parent put their life back together and wants to share their new circumstances with their children?  This is one reason making it important for the family to know where to find child.  They are being raised in a loving home with a big family (one house-mom and 12 children per home), and to believe that it would be a dramatic improvement to be with a family in the U.S. is difficult to justify for me.  In addition, with the enormous costs of the adoption process, and the costs of the raising the child in the U.S. versus Zambia, so much more can be done with the funds to care for the children in their own communities.....

"GO! is an all volunteer organization, and since our inception we have used less than 3.5% of the total donations received for administrative costs. ... We aren’t profiting financially from caring for Orphans, and have no desire to do so."

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Anne said...

Wonderful work that they are doing and so much better than child buying and peddling.

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