Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Warm Reception

It's nice to have good news to share in the midst of all that is going on in the world.

I did a powerpoint presentation today at my Unitarian Universalist congregation in Princeton about my being a part of the Guatemalan Human Rights delegation and child trafficking as part of violence against women.  Very much what was in my Adoption Today Dec article.

The lunchtime program attracted the "senior" members of the church. I had a full hour so lots of time to get into many issues related to adoption. The current situation in Haiti in regard to airlifting children for adoption, made it uncanningly timely.

They were very receptive and asked really good questions. There was the obligatory: "What if someone doesn't want to be found." Marriage quality being a major issue in NJ made it easy to relate to that and reply that having a right doesn't mean anyone needs to take advantage of it -- not all gay people want to marry even if they could, which got a chuckle.  We then discussed unwanted contact.

One woman approached me with tears in her eyes afterward, hugged me and told me how sorry she was for my loss.  I had not mentioned that my daughter had passed, only that she had been lost to adoption. It was heart warming to have that loss recognized.

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