Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Foreign adoption last resort for Haiti quake orphans: Unicef

Geneva, Jan 20 (IANS/EFE) The United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) said Tuesday that international adoption should be the ‘last resort’ for children orphaned by last week’s catastrophic earthquake in Haiti.

‘Unicef’s position has always been that whatever the humanitarian situation, family reunification must be favoured,’ spokeswoman Veronique Taveau said during a press briefing in Geneva.

‘The last resort is inter-country adoption,’ she said.

Taveau said Unicef is working to find and identify children left without parents after last Tuesday’s devastating earthquake in the country.

‘We find them, identify them and register them, and favour family reunification,’ she said, adding that for Unicef’s purposes, family includes uncles and aunts, cousins, grandparents and more distant relatives.

Unicef expressed concern amid reports of efforts to speed international adoptions of Haitian children in the aftermath of the disaster, which is estimated to have left about 200,000 people dead.

Half of Haiti’s nine million residents are below the age of 18.


Anonymous said...

That might be good for today but what about tomorrow The private adoption system in Guatemala has been criticized by organizations such as UNICEF. These organizations lobby for a so called 'adoption reform' in Guatemala and in the United States. UNICEF wants adoptions to be handled completely by government institutions.[3] Unfortunately these so called reforms have caused a complete shut down of international adoptions in other counties that have implemented these reforms. The governments of these, often third world countries, are usually not capable of implementing efficient adoption processes with the result that foreign adoptions completely cease. This condemns many children, who would have had the chance of finding a caring home in a foreign country, to live in underfunded orphanages or on the streets

AdoptAuthor said...

I am afraid that you are misinformed on many counts.

1.Guatemala was closed for good reasons: children have been kidnapped for adoption. proven fact.

2. Neither Unicef nor any other NHOs who speak on the best interest of children "lobby." That is the adoption industry who does that and who puts out falsehoods that people like you believe. Unicef has no agenda or motivation to lie. Those who profit from the redistribution of children DO have motive and DO lie!

3. 90% of ll children in orphanages are not orphans. You wish to condemn them of lives of cultural genocide, of never knowing their kin, their heritage...

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